A Tool For Geoscientists
Transfer Your Interpretations Into 3D

About geomIO

geomIO is a new, easy-to-use method for geoscientists

to create complex 3D input geometries for third party software from 2D interpretations

1) Geological Interpretations
With Your Preferred Vector Graphics Tool

  • Make use of well-established vector graphics software to draw geological interpretations on multiple cross sections.
  • Use your preferred tool: geomIO doesn�t care whether this is commercial Adobe Illustrator or open source alternative Inkscape.

2) Transfer Your 2D Interpretations
Into 3D Geometries with geomIO

geomIO can do many things:

  • It collects your interpretations on horizontal slices, or arbitrarily oriented vertical sections.
  • It interpolates your drawings and it can return the interpolated slices to your vector graphics program, where you can continue to refine your interpretations.
  • It can transfer your drawings to differently oriented sections.
  • It converts your 2D interpretations into 3D volumes.
  • We developed a lightweight binary format to easily export these volumes for usage with third party codes.
  • It can export the 3D interpretations as volumes in the VTK format.

3) Use Paraview To
Look At Your Model in 3D

  • We provide export functionality for the VTK format.
  • Results can be visualized with Paraview.


geomIO's development has been supported by the European Research Council under the European Community's Seventh Framework program (FP7/2007/2013) with ERC starting grant agreement no. 258830.